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Stress-free deck planning and building for home- and business owners

Decking is a great way to maximize any outdoor space and to create a comfortable ambience that will leave a warm memory to any visitor. One frequent question for anyone planning to build a deck is where do they begin? A common misconception is that building the deck is the most difficult part but the planning process is the more critical part of any decking project. To keep the process stress-free, Mandurah Decking Pros can help home and business owners alike in planning and building the deck they want.

Surveying the land

Any decking project begins with surveying the land where the deck will be built. Knowing the structures, the measurements, the landscape, and the soil type of the land will affect the design of the deck structure. It is also important to look underneath the property floor to prevent damage to pipes or electrical wires that could delay and add cost to the project.

Designing the deck

After surveying the property, designing the deck can be done with decking builders or draftspersons to create the draft plans for the layout of the deck. More complicated deck designs such as curved decking or raised decks may need to involve an architect or engineer. The draft plan is crucial for obtaining council approval and permits that may be needed, depending on the location, before building the deck.

Type of decking material

Deciding on the type of decking material is also important for the final look of the deck and its long-term maintenance. Generally, there are two main types: timber and composite. Timber decks give that natural finish and classic deck design that all people generally find appealing.


Timber decks can be made from hardwood, treated pine, or modular decking and there are different timber species to choose from, as well. However, timber decks require more maintenance compared to composite decks.


Composite decking materials are more costly but require little to no maintenance throughout the years. Composite decking materials also come in more variety in terms of colour and texture.

Installation requirements

Other decking installation requirements include the tools and supplies that will be used from the decking fixings to the powered saws. These are available in any local hardware store but one thing to keep in mind when picking out decking fixings is that they should be corrosion resistant to ensure the durability of the deck. With all these planned out and in place, decking installation should be a breeze.

Planning can either be an exciting process or a headache to anyone hoping to build a deck. With the help of professionals from Mandurah Decking Pros, building the deck of your vision will be stress-free from the planning process to the finishing touches.
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