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Deck repair or replacement to keep decks in good working condition

Just like any outdoor equipment, decks need regular inspection to make sure that they are working in good condition. Not much area around the house takes as much abuse as outdoor decks. Not only are decks exposed to natural stress from the sun, rain, and humidity, decks also bear years of foot traffic from all kinds of visitors. Regardless of the type of decking material used, decks will eventually need repair either structurally or cosmetically. In worse cases, replacement may even be needed. To distinguish between the need to repair or replace, a thorough inspection is warranted.

Deck surface—the most vulnerable part of the deck

Many homeowners feel the need to consult with decking builders regarding the status of their deck when the deck surface, which is made of decking boards or decking tiles, looks worn out. The deck surface or decking is the area that is most exposed to natural elements, making it the most vulnerable part of the deck but its durability also depends on the type of decking material used.

Timber decks deteriorate more quickly and should be checked for protruding screws, rot, fade, or splinters. Composite decking materials generally last longer but should still be checked for any visible damage and rot. Damaged decking can be repaired and does not usually immediately warrant replacement. However, a renewed decking could still be hiding damage underneath.

Decking substructure

Inspecting the decking substructure is important to fully assess the health and safety of the deck. The substructure is made up of posts, beams, and joists. The posts are the vertical structures that hold the deck in place and these can accumulate moisture at the base and at the part where beams are attached, leading to rot. Beams and joists are the horizontal structures that support the decking. These can trap moisture in multiple places especially if they are made from natural wood. One trick is to try and pass a screwdriver through the substructures. If the screwdriver penetrates easily then the material is rotten, indicating the need to replace it for safety.

Repairing the damaged parts of a deck is significantly cheaper than replacing materials and should be considered so long as it does not compromise the safety of the deck. Homeowners may have a hard time differentiating between the need to repair or replace a deck. Qualified decking installers from Mandurah Decking Pros can provide professional advice and help renew decks cosmetically and structurally to maintain the style and warmth of the deck while also making sure that it meets important safety requirements.

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