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Outdoor decks are extremely versatile and can enhance both residential and commercial spaces. From backyards to parks and beaches, decks can complement any outdoor space to make it more comfortable, liveable, and enjoyable.

Residential decking

Homeowners can add a deck to their porch, patio, backyard, or pool to create more space for guests or for the family to spend time in. With a wide variety of materials to choose from, homeowners can design a deck that fits the motif of their home, creating a smooth transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

Commercial decking

Decks can also add a luxurious ambience to any commercial space, making it more inviting to guests. A beautiful deck would leave a warm memory to any visitor and would make them want to stay for longer. With the company’s excellent craftsmanship, nothing less than quality deck design standards are delivered for every decking project, residential or commercial.

Deck design

For outdoor spaces with a beautiful view, the company can help design a raised deck for viewing. Raised decks also make good use of outdoor spaces with an uneven landscape that would have otherwise gone unused. Freestanding decks are another deck design option that creates a living space separate from the main house. Poolside decks can be made with anti-slip decking materials for a safe and relaxing area to rest.

The company can also help draft more complicated deck designs such as curved decking. Curved decks are a great addition to homes with a small patio. For large, commercial outdoor areas, curved decking adds a unique touch that will surely make the place stand out.

Consultation and planning

When clients decide to have a deck installed, they usually already have an idea of what they want the deck to look like. To make their vision come to life, Mandurah Decking Pros offers consultation services to know exactly what the client wants. From simple ground-level decks to more complicated deck designs, the company will discuss the project with clients to create draft plans that meet high-quality deck design standards.

The planning process is the most critical part of any decking project as it involves surveying the land, creating a draft plan, and choosing among the types of decking materials. The company’s skilled decking installers will offer expert advice on the deck design and materials to use to create the deck that best suits the client’s needs while keeping everything within budget. The company aims to keep the entire process stress-free with customer satisfaction as their number one priority. With a well-planned out project, decking installation should be a breeze.

Types of decking material

One of the biggest decisions that clients have to make during decking installation is choosing among the types of decking materials. From wood to metal, there is a large variety of materials to choose from depending on several factors including budget, overall appearance, amount of maintenance, and purpose of the deck. The two most popular options are timber and composite decking materials.

Timber decks

Timber decks are classic and are the usual choice for residential decks. There are also different timber species to choose from that differ in texture, appearance, durability, and maintenance requirements. Timber decks can complement both modern and more traditional style homes and are the perfect outdoor living solution for any homeowner.

Although timber decks have cheaper installation requirements, they require at least annual maintenance to keep them in prime condition. For clients who are willing to spend a bit more for little to no maintenance over the years, composite decks might be the way to go.

Composite decks

Composite decking materials are made from a combination of plastic and wood fibres, making them more durable compared to natural wood. Composite decks are more resistant to mould and mildew when exposed to moisture and are less likely to crack and splinter. Composite decking materials are manufactured to mimic the appearance of timber decks but also come in more varieties in terms of colour and texture.

Although composite decks give the same comfort and warmth as timber decks, they are often easily distinguishable from natural wood. Since they are significantly more durable than timber, commercial spaces exposed to a lot of moisture and foot traffic will benefit from the longevity of composite decks.

Decking fixing

Apart from the type of decking material, clients also have to choose their preferred decking fixing. The traditional means of fixing decks is through screws but for those looking for a sleek finish with no visible decking fixing, there are also hidden fasteners available. No matter the type of decking fixing, Australian standards require a minimum of Class 3 corrosion resistance for all decking fixings. For decks close to the surf or pool, stainless steel is the material of choice.

Decking installation

With the deck design and the type of decking material all planned out, the easy part is installation. The key to a long-lasting deck is an appropriately designed substructure. The substructure is made of posts, bearers, and joists, creating the foundation of the deck, and its stability ensures the deck’s safety. With a sound substructure, the decking boards can then be secured to the joists.

Installation requirements

Decking boards have different installation requirements depending on the deck design and the type of decking material but in general, there should be adequate spacing between the decking boards to allow proper ventilation. Some may then opt to have decking tiles installed.

Decking Tiles

Decking tiles have minimal installation requirements since they usually come fixed to a plastic base that interlock with other pieces. The advantage of decking tiles over decking boards is that decking tiles allow more ventilation even when they are installed close to the ground. Although decking installation comes easy with a good project plan, it could still cause extra costs if done wrong. Mandurah Decking Pros’ skilled decking builders will deliver nothing less than the best quality deck that their clients envisioned.

Deck maintenance

Apart from decking installation, the company also offers deck maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Regular maintenance is required to maximize the lifetime of a deck, especially decks made out of timber. Sealers and toners are reapplied annually and staining is recommended every other year. By regularly maintaining a deck, more costly damages can be avoided. It is also important to thoroughly inspect a deck at least once a year to ensure its stability and safety.

Deck repair

The deck surface is the most vulnerable part of the deck since it is exposed to a lot of stress from use and natural elements. Worn-out decking boards or decking tiles can be easily repaired and damages can be replaced but even a renewed deck surface could be hiding damage underneath.

Deck replacement

The substructure should be checked for moulds and signs of rot as these warrant replacement to ensure the safety of the deck. To differentiate between the need for repair or replacement, Mandurah Decking Pros provides professional advice to make sure that decks remain cosmetically and structurally sound.
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