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Decking installation by professional decking builders

In any decking project, the planning process takes the longest time since it includes the designing and drafting, the procurement of permits, and the gathering of materials for the deck. With a well-planned-out decking project, the building part should come easy. However, the intricacies of decking installation can be a challenge to beginner decking installers and may rack up the costs if done wrong. Leaving the job to the professional decking builders of Mandurah Decking Pros can save both money and time while producing quality deck design standards that can make any outdoor space look luxurious.

Substructure—ensuring the deck’s safety

The first step in decking installation is an appropriately designed subfloor framing and this is the key to a long-lasting deck. This substructure, hidden from view, is the most important part of a deck because it ensures its safety. The substructure is made up of posts, bearers, and joists and it can be made from a variety of materials including timber, aluminium, or steel. Posts are anchored into concrete poured deep into the ground to provide a solid foundation for the deck.
Bearers are attached to posts or secured in housings with bolts. Joists are positioned perpendicular, in line with, or on top of the bearers and provide the framework of the deck. Certain measures can be taken to ensure a sound substructure such as making sure that the posts are about 6 feet apart, or that they are installed deep enough into the ground, or applying protective coats in substructures made of wood. These are only some of the details that clients can be assured of from the decking builders of Mandurah Decking Pros.

Securing the decking boards

With a sound substructure, the decking boards can then be secured to the joists. There should be adequate spacing between the boards to allow ventilation and possible expansion.

Decking fixings

There are a wide variety of decking fixings that can be used to lay the deck but it may depend on the type of decking material used as well. Screws are generally preferred over nails but there are also hidden fasteners that can be used in laying decking boards. Some homeowners may then opt to install decking tiles over the deck.

Decking tiles

Decking tiles are very easy to install since they come fixed to a plastic base that interlock with other pieces. Final finishing touches to the decking boards, especially for timber decks, include water-repellent preservatives and coatings that prevent rot and decay.

After a thorough planning process, decking installation is the only step left to make a vision come to life. Looking for professional decking builders near me? Contact Mandurah Decking Pros today.
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